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Custom yard signs are perfect for basketball season. Use yard signs at your school or basketball court to let people know when games are happening, what time, and ticket information. Your team can get signs for individual players to be displayed at their homes, or get signs with your team name and logo for fans. Yard signs are also great for letting people know about tryouts and open gym times for pickup games. Our yard signs are printed in full color and can be single or double-sided. We have several sizes of yard signs to choose from. Whatever signage your basketball team needs, has you covered!

Basketball Yard Sign Example
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Yard Sign Display Options

Yard signs can be displayed using H Stakes and Beefy Stakes. You can also use double-sided tape, easels, frames, grommets, sandwich boards, stakes, suction cups or velcro.

Basketball Yard Sign Options

Yard signs are available in single-sided or double-sided options. They are printed with a 1/2-inch white edge on all sides. To get started on your basketball sign select a sign template, upload a file or work with our graphic designers:

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    Share Your Message With A Custom Yard Sign

    ** All signs greater than 32" x 48" in any direction are automatically scored and folded. To score your coroplast signs, we cut through the top layer of the yard sign without cutting through the entire piece. The sign is then folded into an optimal fit to meet shipping guidelines.**

    ** If you don't want your yard signs to be scored and folded please visit our oversized flat shipping page or contact one of our customer service representatives at: 320-391-5300. **

    ** Please note: When ordering yard signs with different designs, text, imagery, etc., these signs will be priced and processed as 1 sign per design. **

    Custom yard signs are a versatile promotional tool most commonly displayed in front lawns for business advertising, political promotion, real estate showings, and yard sales. Lawn signs are perfect for so many different events because they’re lightweight, easy to install, and inexpensive when compared to other signage options. They’re also incredibly effective at sharing a quick message with passing cars and pedestrians.

    Here at, we want to make designing, ordering, and displaying your yard sign easy. That’s why we offer free online templates, an intuitive online designer and real-time tracking for your order. You can also add wire installation stakes to your order to accommodate your single or double-sided yard sign.

    Get started on your order for professionally designed and manufactured yard signs today.



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    As an expert in custom yard signs for basketball teams, I can confidently say that is the go-to online platform for designing and ordering these signs. With a wide range of options and features, ensures that your basketball team's yard signs are professional, eye-catching, and effective in communicating important information to fans and the community.

    When it comes to custom yard signs for basketball teams, offers a variety of options to suit your needs. These signs can be used to inform people about game schedules, ticket information, tryouts, and open gym times. Whether you need signs for individual players' homes or signs with your team name and logo for fans, has got you covered.

    One of the standout features of's yard signs is the ability to choose from several sizes. This allows you to select the perfect size that suits your requirements. Additionally, these signs are printed in full color and can be single or double-sided, giving you the freedom to design them according to your preferences.

    When it comes to displaying yard signs, offers various options such as H Stakes, Beefy Stakes, double-sided tape, easels, frames, grommets, sandwich boards, stakes, suction cups, or velcro. This flexibility ensures that you can easily set up and display your signs in the most convenient and visible locations.

    The custom yard signs provided by are made from durable, lightweight, and waterproof 4 mm white corrugated plastic material. This material is perfect for outdoor advertising and can withstand various weather conditions. These signs can be printed single or double-sided, allowing you to maximize their impact and reach.

    To make the process of designing and ordering your yard signs even easier, offers free online templates and an intuitive online designer. You can also work with their graphic designers to create a custom design that perfectly represents your basketball team. understands the importance of timely delivery, which is why they offer flexible production times ranging from one to five business days. This allows you to choose the turnaround time that suits your schedule and ensures that you receive your signs on time.

    In terms of payment, accepts various methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and checks. Rest assured that your credit card will only be charged once you have approved your order.

    When it comes to shipping, primarily uses UPS Ground. You will receive a tracking number once your package has been shipped. Shipping prices are determined by the weight and destination of the package, and additional charges may apply to large orders. also provides options for expedited shipping if you need your signs urgently.

    In conclusion, is the ultimate destination for designing and ordering custom yard signs for basketball teams. With their wide range of options, high-quality materials, and efficient production and shipping processes, ensures that your signs are visually appealing, durable, and arrive in a timely manner. Trust to help you showcase your basketball team and engage with your fans effectively.

    Basketball Yard Signs - Custom Sports Team Signs | (2024)
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