Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Birthday (2024)

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.



Birth date:

June 17, 2010



Zodiac Sign:



4' 4.8"

Net Worth:

$1.2 million


Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, announced the birth of his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., on July 17, 2010, in a post on Facebook and Twitter. He also revealed that their son’s mother did not want to be known and had given him exclusive guardianship.

In an interview with Jonathan Ross in 2017, Ronaldo revealed that his son doesn’t know who his mother is but he will tell him when the time is right. Ronaldo Jr. has a wonderful relationship with his loving step-mom, Georgina Rodriguez, and his half-siblings, twins Eva and Mateo, born in June 2017 via surrogacy; and Alana Martina, born in November 2017.

The young soccer player played for the Juventus Football Academy but transferred to the Red Devils after his father returned to Old Trafford in a $22 million transfer in August 2021. Ronaldo Jr. joined the Manchester United football academy, alongside Wayne Rooney’s son, Kai, and Nemanja Matic’s son. During the summer transfer in 2021, he joined the English club’s Under-12 squad. Due to his fallout with Manchester united, Ronaldo terminated his contract with the club in 2022. In 2023, he signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with the Saudi Arabian club, Al Nassr, and Ronaldo Jr. subsequently joined the state-of-the-art Mahd Academy.

Ronaldo has revealed that he would like to see his son follow in his footsteps. Dos Santos Aveiro, the boy’s grandmother, believes he is more skilled than his father at that age and hopes he will be a great player.

Career timeline


Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is Born

Cristiano Ronaldo announces the birth of his son on Facebook and Twitter.


Ronaldo Jr.’s Video Goes Viral

Ronaldo releases a video of Ronaldo Jr. imitating his famous pose on free kicks and scoring a wonderful goal, the short video of him showcasing his remarkable talent gains worldwide media attention and goes viral on social media.


He Begins Training

The young talent begins his football training under the guidance of his father.


He Joins the Red Devils

He joins Manchester United’s Under-12 squad during the summer transfer.


He Joins Mahd Academy

After his father signs a contract with Al Nassr, Ronaldo Jr. moves to Saudi Arabia with his family and joins the prestigious Mahd Academy.

Why We Love Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

  1. He’s a talented player

    Even at his young age, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has already shown incredible talent. He trains with children two years his senior at the Mahd Academy in Saudi Arabia and has impressed his coaches.

  2. He’s ambitious and focused

    In a couple of videos shared by fans, Ronaldo Jr. is seen playing the sport with great passion. He is training to play professionally, under the guidance of his father.

  3. His close-knit family

    His family are incredibly close and are often seen traveling together. The unconditional support and love are evident in the pictures that his father shares online.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Mexican football eligibility

    While the identity of his biological mother is unknown, it's believed he has a Mexican connection because of her.

  2. He wants more siblings

    He told his father he wants six siblings to make up the number seven, which is his father's famous number.

  3. His ancestry

    On his dad's side, he has Portuguese as well as Cape Verdean ancestry.

  4. He speaks four languages

    He can speak Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian.

  5. His hobby

    As seen in his father and stepmom’s social media posts, the youngster has sung a few songs on occasion and enjoys singing.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. FAQs

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.'s favorite player?

Funnily enough, his favorite player isn’t his father but another soccer legend, Argentinian player Lionel Messi.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. adopted?

No, he is not adopted. While there is speculation as to who his mother is, Cristiano Ronaldo is his biological father.

Can Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. speak English?

He’s multilingual and can speak English fluently.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.’s birthday dates

2024June 17Monday
2025June 17Tuesday
2026June 17Wednesday
2027June 17Thursday
2028June 17Saturday

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I'm an enthusiast with a deep knowledge and understanding of the topic of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. I have followed Cristiano Ronaldo's career closely and have a comprehensive understanding of his personal life, including the details about his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. I can provide detailed information about Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.'s background, early life, career timeline, and interesting facts about him. Additionally, I can delve into his family dynamics, his training and development as a young soccer player, and his multilingual abilities. I can also provide insights into Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.'s future in football and his close relationship with his family.


Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. was born on June 17, 2010, and is the son of the renowned Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo. His mother's identity has not been publicly disclosed, and Ronaldo has exclusive guardianship of his son. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has a close relationship with his stepmother, Georgina Rodriguez, and his half-siblings, twins Eva and Mateo, as well as Alana Martina.

Career Timeline

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has shown early promise in football, having played for the Juventus Football Academy and later joining the Manchester United football academy. He has also trained at the prestigious Mahd Academy in Saudi Arabia after his father's transfer to Al Nassr. His journey in football has been closely monitored, and he has garnered attention for his impressive skills and dedication to the sport.

Why We Love Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has already displayed remarkable talent at a young age, training with older children at the Mahd Academy in Saudi Arabia. He is known for his ambition and focus in pursuing a professional football career, under the guidance of his father. Additionally, his close-knit family provides him with unwavering support and love, evident in the family's shared experiences and travels.

Surprising Facts

Some surprising facts about Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. include his potential Mexican connection through his biological mother, his desire to have six siblings, his diverse ancestry, multilingual abilities, and his hobby of singing. He is also known for having a favorite player who is not his father, Lionel Messi.


Common questions about Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. include his favorite player, his adoption status, and his language abilities. He is not adopted, can speak English fluently, and has expressed admiration for soccer legend Lionel Messi.

With this comprehensive understanding of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and his background, career, and personal life, I can provide detailed insights and information about all the concepts used in this article.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Birthday (2024)
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