German Passport Photo in the U.S. [5+ Places] (2023)

Getting German passport photos in the U.S. might be a challenge. And these are not our words; according to the German Consulate in Denver, only about 50% of all submitted photographs are correct and ready to use. That leaves 40% of German passport applications with questionable pictures, and 10% of them getting immediately rejected.

Having said that, which American locations are suitable for taking German passport photos? Keep reading as we uncover the most popular photography service spots in the U.S. and revise them from the standpoint of German passport photo requirements.

Where to get German passport photos?

German passport holders must remember that their national passport pictures differ from American ones. While finding a photography spot that offers German passport photos is possible, customers should do thorough research beforehand.

Let us save you some time. In the following sections, we will review the most common photography services in the U.S. and help you decide on the perfect location based onyour needs.

Professional photography studios

Photography studios have the advantage of professional equipment and mostly high-quality photos. They are, however, quite expensive—for a set of 2 photos, American citizens usually have to pay around $25.

Many photographers advertise being able to take international passport photos, German ones included. Nevertheless, the price might be slightly elevated (compared to U.S. passport photos) due to the different template; however, most studios guarantee 100% acceptance of their passport pictures.

German passport holders deciding to take their pictures at photography studios should call in advance to check if German passport pictures are available, and make an appointment.

Pharmacies and retail stores

Most retail stores and pharmacy chains offer passport photography services for U.S. citizens. Customers do not need to make an appointment, and these places are usually open (some even offer round-the-clock service)

However, German passport photos may not be as popular as American ones. Thus, the staff does not have enough experience to take these pictures. Moreover, there might be issues with adjusting photos to the correct dimensions as all templates are programmed for U.S. passport photos (51 x 51 mm).

If you’re in need of an international passport photo, it’s worth checking out Walmart or Walgreens, as their official websites state they offer this service. To ensure quality, you may want to visit a physical store location, such as Walgreens passport photo service, which can be easily found around every corner. While there’s no concrete information on CVS providing international passport photo services, it’s worth inquiring if they can take German passport pictures.

Photo booths

Photo booths are the most easily accessible spots to receive passport photos in the U.S. They are located on the streets, in shopping centers, and, very comfortably, in passport offices. However, most of them specialize in preparing American passport photos only.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a stroll and trying various photo booths. Some of them might have an option of changing the picture’s dimensions—remember that a German passport photo’s size must be 35 mm x 45 mm. Again, if there is an option of getting a European passport photo, go for it.

Websites and applications

Taking German passport photos is also possible without leaving your home at all. Passport holders can now prepare their pictures through AI-backed software and applications thanks to various websites and online tools.

The flexibility of online tools allows users to choose any passport-style photo they wish, including a German passport picture. It can be created from scratch or modified from an existing image. Usually, users can print their photos or have them delivered to their door.

However, Germans should be cautious while using any photo transformation software. As mentioned before, only half ofsubmitted passport application pictures are currently being approvedby German authorities. Therefore, applicants should pay special attention to compliance guarantees, refund policies, and the overall impression of any online tool they are considering. This way, delays in passport processing times can be minimized.

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Create your German passport photo online with PhotoAiD®

Locations and services differ in their availability and guarantees forfully-compliant German passport photos. To ensure that your submitted picture will get accepted by the German embassy or consulate, we suggest an alternative: the PhotoAiD® photo transformation tool.

Available as a website and mobile application, this innovative AI-supported software can create passport photos and other picture identification documents, German ones included! Some of the tool’s features include:

  • Cropping and resizing;
  • Adjusting the background;
  • Removing shadows and most objects appearing in the photo;

Prepare your perfect passport photo without leaving your home. It takes only 1 step and 3 seconds altogether! Users must take or upload an existing image into our software and let the app take care of the rest.

German Passport Photo in the U.S. [5+ Places] (1)

Thanks to expert verification, German passport holders can be sure that the pictures prepared through PhotoAiD® are 100% compliant with all official requirements. Every image is carefully reviewed and fine-tuned to meetusers’ and authorities’ expectations.

Our mobile application is also perfect for creating children’s passport photos. Even though the requirements do not differ much from adult passport pictures, taking a baby’s photo is not the easiest task.

With PhotoAiD®, you can stay at home with your kids and prepare a relaxed environment, or even hold your baby for the picture—the AI system will flawlessly erase and adjust the background!

Moreover, if you wish to print your German passport photos, PhotoAiD® has suitable templates available for download. Thanks to them, passport holders can get even a 97% discount on picture printing in CVS!

PhotoAiD’s® passport photo application is available on Android and iOS, takes passport picture comfortably from home, and guarantees acceptance–wunderbar!


Having discussed popular photography spots in the U.S., let us answer some frequently asked questions and reveal more details on getting German passport photos.

Where can I get a German passport picture?

German passport holders can get their photos at most American photography services. However, informing the staff about the picture you want to take is crucial. The best option would be to present the exact template and ask the employee to change the photo machine features.

Does CVS take German passport photos?

CVS is equipped specifically for creating U.S. passport photos. There might be a possibility that the staff can take a German passport picture as well. However, it depends on the individual store. Find the nearest CVS in your area and give it a call.

Does Walgreens do German passport photos?

Walgreens photo machines have picture settings for additional countries, not only the U.S. It is possible, then, to take German passport photos at Walgreens. However, it is best to call the nearest pharmacy and confirm the service.

Does Walmart do international passport photos?

Yes, Walmart offers international passport photos, German pictures included. The service provides 1 international passport photo for $13.97. However, it is impossible to take an infant’s passport photo.

Does UPS do international passport photos?

UPS’s official website informs that they can take photos for other identification cards, not only passports. However, there is no information on international passport photos. It might be worth calling the nearest UPS store and asking about other nationality passport photo services.

Where to get a German passport photo online?

PhotoAiD® provides biometric passport photos for Germany from anywhere in the world. Simply download our application on Android or iOS, snap a photo with your smartphone’s camera, and your German passport photo is ready in seconds. Best of all, it’s 100% guaranteed to be accepted by German authorities.

Closing thoughts

As German passport photos differ from American ones, not all popular locations might be equipped or knowledgeable enough to take them. However, calling the closest photography point, pharmacy, or professional studio is worth a shot.

For German passport holders, the best option might be to use PhotoAiD®. Without leaving their home, users can take passport pictures that are 100% compliant with all official requirements. Avoidlong searches and download our passport photo app today–you won’t regret it!

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