How To Search In Microsoft Teams Wiki (2023)


Search in Teams Wiki is, well... none existent, but in this video, we look at a couple of workarounds that at least lets you search a little bit 😀

If you have ever wondered how to search in a Microsoft teams wiki tab then in this best practices tutorial we look at a couple of tips and tricks that might help.


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Search in Teams, wiki, is, well non-existent, really.

By the end of this video, you'll at least know a workaround that lets you search just a little bit.

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So, let's jump into Teams, and here we are in the modern workplace, accelerator team and in a wiki tab, and here we've just got a very light touch wiki, just one page with a couple of sections.


Here's the problem.

If we search even something that we know is in there.

So if I search for etiquette or disclaimer or any of these words that we know is in the wiki, in Team search;, so I'm going to search for disclaimer, hit enter and it searches through messages, people and files.

It doesn't see anything any messages.

There's no people in any of our Teams called disclaimer and in files.

It then does actually find that text 'disclaimer' in our wiki page, which was called overall etiquette, and then .mht is the wiki file.


If we go and click on it.

It then doesn't take us to the wiki tab very unhelpfully, and it says: there's not even a preview available.

So please download the file.


If we download the file, then and I'm just going to jump back out to get that.

You open it and the default is that it's opening in Word, which you can then read.

Everything in that wiki page, which is useful.

You, can see the link that we had in there.

That text link has expanded so that all looks a bit messy now, but the rest of it's okay.


Then, if we did actually want to find the thing that we searched for, we then need to search that Word document.

So hit command, + F or control + F on a PC, and then we need to search for it again and then Word will find that through a simple text, search.

So, not that useful.

If you then want to go and update part of that, wiki because, like it says, here, "this page is automatically updated from the wiki in Microsoft Teams -.

Any change made here will be overwritten.

To edit.

This page open it Microsoft, Teams.", That's, all well and good.

But if you've got quite a lot of wikis- and you didn't know where that overall wiki was it sort of tries to help you out:, it says what Team it's in, but then say you had loads of channels.

There's no way to then really expand that missing bit of text to see which channel it's in, to go back to it, to go and edit it, which is not that useful, but does at least get you to the page that you want, and you could then go through and find that specific text, then go and update it.

So at least that little bit of search workaround should help a little bit.

So, I'm interested, comment below and let me know if search was stopping you from using wiki a lot in your organization.


Only other way to search wiki in Teams, at the time of recording, is to do it in a browser.

So, if I just jump over to a web browser.

So here we've got edge, and we've got Teams open.

So, same thing.

If we search here, it's going to do exactly the same thing.

So search 'etiquette,', it's going to do the same thing and it's going to find some wikis and some files with etiquette in it, even in the title or in the body of that file, but the benefit of going through into the browser:.

If we do command + F or control, + F, or if that jumps you into the search bar like it, does sometimes.

If you come up and do edit, 'find on page,' 'find,', that'll pop up the same little box and there we can start typing something and it'll search the text for us within the wiki, just there.

So, if we type 'courteous', which I know is in there somewhere and that's going to jump us down to the bottom and we can, if there's multiple matches, use the two forwards and back buttons just like a browser text, search.

Obviously, that is only searching one page in wiki.

So if we had multiple pages like we do in this wiki that isn't going to search between those two pages, only gonna search, what's on the screen, although it will search if you need to scroll down.

Because guidelines is a complete, separate page.

That's thinking, it's, like I said, a web page.

It's not gonna search between those two pages.

It's only gonna search on one of those when you do a search via the browser.


Admittedly, that is not great functionality.

It is a little workaround which might help you out a little bit, but I thought it was important to make a video on it because it might influence how you structure your wiki pages and sections.


If you've got one page with lots and lots of sections doing this text search in a browser is going to search all of those sections in one go.


You split up your wiki into multiple pages.

That's when the search is not going to be great and you're pretty much relying on teams finding the file and the page like we did in the first way.

So wiki is just one way to start, bringing all the information your employees need into one place.

If you really want to supercharge your organization and get the most out of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, and you want some help doing that and you might want to work together, then book a call using the link below to find out more.

Okay, so check out these videos.

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For watching this.

One and I'll see you in the next video.


How do I search Microsoft Wiki? ›

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Find a link to the SharePoint site of your team. ...
  2. Once in SharePoint, go to “Return to classic SharePoint.”
  3. On the top right corner of the page, find “Search this site.” Search for “*. ...
  4. Copy the URL of that SharePoint page–we'll use it to create a Website tab in your Microsoft Teams channel.
Sep 22, 2020

How do I search for keywords in Microsoft teams? ›

Press Ctrl+F followed by your search terms, and then press Enter. The search results will be displayed from within that chat or channel conversation. Choose any one of the available results and Teams will scroll up to the location of that particular message.

How do I use Microsoft teams Wiki? ›

To add a Wiki tab to your team:
  1. Open Microsoft Teams and select your channel team in Teams.
  2. Select Add a tab. next to the other tab names in the channel.
  3. Select Wiki from the tab gallery.
  4. Name the tab and start writing.

Is Teams wiki no longer supported? ›

We are announcing that Wiki's will be retired from Teams starting January 2024. We are offering note taking capabilities within Teams channels using the included OneNote notebook provided for each team. With this release, users have an option to export their wiki content to OneNote notebooks in Teams standard channel.

How do I find all pages on a wiki? ›

How do I find wiki pages?
  1. To search for pages in a specific wiki, open that wiki and then select This Wiki in the Search field on the title bar. ...
  2. To search for pages in all public wikis, select Public Wikis in the Search menu, enter keywords, and click the search icon.

Where is MS Teams Wiki stored? ›

Where are Microsoft Teams Wikis stored? Teams Wikis are stored as . mht files in SharePoint at Site contents → Teams Wiki Data. To get a better idea of how this all works, let us take a look at what happens in SharePoint when you create a Teams Wiki page.

Where is Teams wiki stored? ›

Microsoft Teams Wiki data is stored in the Group SharePoint of the Team - specifically, in a document library called “Teams Wiki Data.” The Teams built-in wiki doesn't create anything in SharePoint until the first time someone opens the wiki.

How do I filter search in Microsoft Teams? ›

Try it!
  1. Select the Search bar at the top of the Teams app.
  2. Type in message keywords and press Enter.
  3. When message results appear, toggle between Top results and Latest results.
  4. To view more message results, select More messages or select the Messages tab.

How do I search context in Microsoft Teams chat? ›

Be smart and use contextual search. Ctrl + F launches a search within the currently selected channel or chat! It's great because Teams will look in a smaller target, the number of matches is greatly reduced, and it's easier to find the information you're looking for.

What can I use instead of Wiki in Microsoft Teams? ›

BookStack: An Open Source Microsoft Teams Wiki Alternative
  • AD Compatible SSO Options, Without the Tax. ...
  • Self-Host Without Complex Requirements. ...
  • WYSIWYG Editor Experience, Markdown for Power Users. ...
  • Content Format Keeping to Standards. ...
  • APIs and Extension. ...
  • Established Community Resources. ...
  • Built-in Diagramming.

What is the difference between Wiki and OneNote? ›

The Wiki provides note taking capability, but is highly structured, making collaborative note taking too hierarchical. OneNote provides a more fluid structure, with additional layout features for a less formal — yet still structured — note taking experience.

Who can edit a Wiki in Teams? ›

Editing a Wiki Page

As long as you have access to the pages, you automatically have permission to edit the page. This largely works in favor of teams that are collaborating on a project. To edit a Wiki page: Click on any action on your desired Wiki page to activate the editing mode.

What can I use instead of wiki in Microsoft Teams? ›

BookStack: An Open Source Microsoft Teams Wiki Alternative
  • AD Compatible SSO Options, Without the Tax. ...
  • Self-Host Without Complex Requirements. ...
  • WYSIWYG Editor Experience, Markdown for Power Users. ...
  • Content Format Keeping to Standards. ...
  • APIs and Extension. ...
  • Established Community Resources. ...
  • Built-in Diagramming.

Can you search for links in Teams? ›

Steps to Search a Specific Location

Here is how you can do it: Go to the chat or channel tab in which you want to search for a term. Press CTRL+F and enter the search term.

Can anyone edit a wiki on Teams? ›

Once you start editing a section, it's locked so that no one else can make changes. However, different people can edit different sections of a page at the same time. If someone else is editing your page, their picture appears next to the page title.

Can you export Teams wiki to PDF? ›

First of all, you can export or print wiki pages in one click without unnecessary steps. The download link is generated automatically—no need to change the file extensions. You can export any page to PDF or HTML on demand or even print it right from Microsoft Teams.

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