SFS, SB, OTP: What Do These Snapchat Abbreviations Mean (2024)

SFS, SB, OTP: What Do These Snapchat Abbreviations Mean (1)

Social media has caused colloquial language to evolve, allowing users to communicate quickly and effectively. As such, many abbreviations have popped up on many platforms, including Snapchat. If you’ve ever wondered, “What does SFS mean on Snapchat?” this guide covers that and other well-known Snapchat abbreviations.

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  • Shoutout for Shoutout (SFS)
  • Snapback (SB)
  • One True Pairing (OTP)
  • On God (ONG)
  • What’s the Word (WTW)
  • I Miss You (IMY)
  • I Swear to God (ISTG)
  • FaceTime (FT)
  • Round Snap (RS)
  • Add Me On Snapchat (AMOS)
  • Everyone Snap Back (ESB)
  • Follow For Follow (FFF)
  • Streaks and Recents (SNR)
  • Just Wondering (JW)
  • No Replies (NRS)
  • SS (Screenshot)

Shoutout for Shoutout (SFS)

When someone writes “SFS” on Snapchat, they are asking you to share their post with your followers. In return, they will also share your post. Basically, it’s a promotion strategy, where the poster hopes to gain followers when others share their post. It’s a win-win situation for the other party, too, as their favor will be returned.

Snapback (SB)

When someone sends you a snap, then says, “Please SB,” it means they want you to send them a snap as well. Most people use this abbreviation to start a Snapchat streak, which can increase their Snapchat score.

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One True Pairing (OTP)

When a person imagines which two people, whether real or fictional, would make a good couple, they call it the one true pairing or OTP. For instance, a Twilight saga fan may say, “My favorite OTP is Edward and Bella.” You can see this acronym on other social media sites as well, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

On God (ONG)

When someone wants to communicate that they’re being completely honest with you on Snapchat, they will use the acronym “ONG,” usually at the beginning or end of their message. An example would be: “ONG, I came to your place at the agreed time, but you didn’t answer the door.”

They can also use it when they agree with what you said. If, for example, you said, “Stranger Things is a very good show,” another Snapchat user can chime in and say, “ONG!”

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What’s the Word (WTW)

Instead of the commonly used “What’s up?” some people on Snapchat will use “WTW?” You can respond with what you’re currently up to, or simply respond with something like, “Nothing much. How about you?”

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I Miss You (IMY)

“IMY” is what someone would send on Snapchat or other social media platforms to tell you that you are being missed. It could be from a friend, family member, or someone with whom you have a romantic relationship with. It’s a good way for people to remind you that they’re thinking about you.

I Swear to God (ISTG)

People can use “ISTG” in various contexts, but among the most common are being the same as ONG, meaning they’re being as honest and sincere as possible, and when feeling exasperation due to feelings of frustration. The person may say, “ISTG, if you don’t stop using that emoji, I will end our streak!”

FaceTime (FT)

Social media users, including those on Snapchat, use the term “FT” to let the other person know they want to communicate with them on FaceTime, Apple’s video chat service. If you and your friend are both using an Apple device, you can switch over to FaceTime and continue the conversation face to face.

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If you don’t want to use FaceTime or don’t have an Apple device, you and your friend can connect using Snapchat’s own video calling feature instead.

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Round Snap (RS)

A round snap or “RS” is when a Snapchat user sends a single snap to multiple users. They do this to start conversations that could build up to streaks later on. It is also a way for people to keep up the streaks they’ve started without having to send each person they’re chatting with an individual message.

Add Me On Snapchat (AMOS)

If someone is not your friend on Snapchat, they can ask you to add them by saying “AMOS” in a snap or story. However, we recommend exercising care with who you add on Snapchat. If you’re getting too many requests like these in your stories or chats, you may want to get up to speed on how to make your Snapchat account more private.

Everyone Snap Back (ESB)

If you ever see the word “ESB” on a snap or story on Snapchat, it means that the poster is encouraging everyone who sees it to send a snap in response. If you receive this message, you need to send them a photo or video to keep the conversation they started going. But keep in mind that you have to do it within 24 hours before the snap or story disappears.

Follow For Follow (FFF)

When you see “FFF” on Snapchat or Instagram, the person who posted it wants you to follow them, and they will follow you back in return. Snapchat users usually do this to quickly increase their number of followers.

Tip: learn how to hide your Snapchat Score.

Streaks and Recents (SNR)

On Snapchat, a “streak” is a Snapchat conversation that users have engaged in for three or more days without a 24-hour break in between snaps. A “recent” is the last snap you sent or received from someone. When someone says they sent a snap to their “SNR,” it means they sent a recent to someone or a group of people they currently have a streak with.

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Just Wondering (JW)

When someone uses “JW” on Snapchat, they’re casually communicating that they need information. They can say something like, “JW, where are we supposed to meet tonight?” It’s a carefree way of asking a question.

No Replies (NRS)

When someone uses “NRS” on Snapchat, it means that they recently posted something that needed a response, and no one responded. For example, they may have said, “Does anyone want to meet for lunch at McDonald’s?” And if no one responds, they would post a follow-up, saying, “I asked my Snapchat friends to meet for lunch at McDonald’s, but NRS.”

SS (Screenshot)

If you get a message on Snapchat from someone asking, “Did you just ss our chat?” or similar, they’re asking if you took a screenshot. When you take a screenshot or recording of a story or snap on Snapchat, the person who posted it will be notified.

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Learn the Snapchat Lingo

The Internet is full of fascinating lingo that allows you to quickly communicate with people and spice up conversations. Learning these Snapchat abbreviations is just the beginning, however. Further your communication education by learning more text shortcuts and Internet slang terms. Alternatively, if you’re an Instagram user, learn what all the symbols in Direct Messages mean.

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SFS, SB, OTP: What Do These Snapchat Abbreviations Mean (8)

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