What is a Snap Score? (2024)

Snapchat has been one of the most popular social media platforms since 2011. Building on the concept of being a platform for impermanent message exchange, Snapchat has continued to hook users. Maintaining and improving original features, the platform continues adding new ones as well. Every additional feature, gains a buzz, from the moment it is introduced.

One such feature is the Snapchat Score.

Those not familiar with the platform may have been wondering why users keep comparing their Snapchat scores. Even though this feature is not something new, it has always been something the users have been raving about. Here is all you need to know about Snapchat’s score feature.

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What is a Snap Score?

Snapchat score is also known by many names like Snap Score, Snapchat points, Snap points, Snap number, etc. All these names are, basically, for the number that shows how much you use the app. This feature boasts how much of a presence the user has on the platform. Earlier Snapchat users could earn trophies based on their snap score. While Snapchat no longer has the trophy feature, users have not been discouraged from earning more points.

Has Snapchat stopped updating Snap Score?

Users have often faced the predicament of not having their snap score updated. With beloved features like trophies taken away, users often worry that their snap score will be next to go. So, if you are wondering if Snapchat has discontinued the Snapchat Score feature, the answer is, No.

Snapchat still is giving users points for using the app.

Since the introduction of the feature, users have had complaints about the number not getting updated. Over the past few months, a new glitch allows users to see their snap score increase, but their friends cannot see the updated snap score.

The glitch often results in you not being able to see your friends’ updated scores.

Those having issues with their snap score getting updated should try to uninstall and reinstall the app. You could also wait for the glitch to get fixed. One user claimed that deactivating and reactivating their account, helped solve the issue.

If the issue continues then you can get in touch with Snapchat support and wait for a resolution. Unless your app or account is malfunctioning, you should still be able to view and update your snap score.

How to see own Snap Score

Now that you know about the existing feature. Let’s see how you can view your snap score:

First, launch the Snapchat app. Now, tap on your bitmoji, on the top left corner of the screen. This will open the profile information page.

What is a Snap Score? (1)

Your snap score is the number under your name and next to your user name.

What is a Snap Score? (2)

The breakdown of the number can also be seen from here.

Tap on the snap score. This will display two numbers:

What is a Snap Score? (3)

  • The number on the left is the number of snaps sent.
  • The number on the right is the number of snaps received.

Your snap score can be seen by your friends on the platform. But, they will not be able to see the breakdown of the number of snaps sent and received by you.

How to see Snap Score of friends

Earlier you could view the snap scores of any Snapchat user. But now you can only see the snap score of the users you are friends with. Here is how you can view the snap score of your friends:

Open the Snapchat app.Tap on the chat icon, next to the camera button. Or, swipe left. This will show you your list of chats.

What is a Snap Score? (4)

Alternatively, Tap on your bitmoji.

What is a Snap Score? (5)

Then tap on My Friends.

What is a Snap Score? (6)

This will only show you your list of friends.

What is a Snap Score? (7)

From the chats or list of friends, tap on the bitmoji of any friend.

What is a Snap Score? (8)

This will show you their profile information. Under their name and next to their user name, you will see their snap score.

What is a Snap Score? (9)

Tapping on the snap score will not show you a breakdown of their snap score, as it does with your snap score.

How is Snap Score calculated?

The calculation of the Snap score is slightly complex. On their website, Snapchat says that Snaps sent, Snaps received, Stories posted, and “a few other factors” are calculated to give the snap score. The ambiguous use of “a few other factors” continues to be speculated. However, users have mostly figured out how Snapchat calculated the score:

  • Every snap sent gives you one point.
  • Every snap you receive gets you one more point.

Note: The points are counted only for snaps and not messages. Bonus points are also sometimes received for snaps exchanged.

  • Snap scores can be raked in from videos as well. Per 10 seconds of video, you get one point. So, if you send a 60-second video you get 6 points. And if you receive a video you can get between 1-6 points, depending on the video’s length.
  • Stories posted can get the user points, however, the point system is unclear.
  • Some users believe that the number of friends added also makes a difference to the snap score.
  • Participating in group chats add to snap scores, depending on the number of members in the group. Snaps sent and received from a group both add to the tally.
  • Maintaining a streak also increases the chances, of getting more than one point for sent/received snaps.

People seem to only care about their snap score and are losing interest in actual conversations. from memes

  • Snappables, the games available on the platform, also seems to affect the snap scores.

What is a Snap Score? (10)

These are some of the factors that play a role in the calculation of the Snap score.

How to hide Snap Score

This fun little feature has ended up being as damaging to relationships as UNO’s plus fours.

The snap score can be toxic for over competitive friends. The feature is often seen as a popularity measurement. Some users live in fear of having a low snap score, making them vulnerable to bullying. Some users worry about the snap score of their partners being too high.

Can you hide your Snap score?

Wondering if there is a way to hide or disable it?

Unfortunately, you cannot hide your snap score from your friends. While the score is not visible to anyone you have not added, those you have can see it. Snapchat has not shown any intention of disabling or hiding the feature. You can either not add competitive friends or try to improve your snap score.

How to increase Snap Score

The organic way of increasing your snap score is by using the app. Some tips that can help you increase your score organically are:

  • Send snaps instead of text messages on the app. Being a visual communicator will reward you with more snap points.
  • Upload stories regularly, to increase the chances of getting more points.
  • Send each other videos. Turn your chat with your friends into a kind of vlog instead of a text thread. The more 10-second videos you send the more points you get. You get points for both sending and receiving the videos.

does anyone want to boost each other’s snap scores! from teenagers

  • Participate in streaks. Try to maintain streaks with more friends. Streaks can get you bonus points the longer you maintain them.
  • Play the interactive selfie games with your friend to earn more points. Completing a game can get you up to 12 points. If you play multiple snappables with the same person or with different people, they still add to your snap score.
  • Have big group chats and keep sending snaps in them. The larger the group the more points you earn.

Let’s get that snap score up! Group spam! from SnapStreaks

There are websites and apps that offer hacks to increase your snap score. Whether paid or free, the bots and hacks can end up being nothing but a scam. You may even end up getting your account blocked if you seek the help of the wrong website. Some apps and websites will ask you to download more apps, in order to increase your snap score. All of these “hacks” are essentially scams that are best avoided. So, ignore the paid YouTube videos and blogs, that claim that they have a shortcut to gaining more snap scores.

[H] Snapchat Boosting Services – Boost Your SNAP SCORE [W] Crypto from RedditBay_Official

Stick to the known methods of increasing your snap score. Do not obsess over your snap score. Treat it as a fun feature, that indicates how much of your time you really spend on the platform.

What do you think about Snap score? What is your snap score? Do you think Snapchat should make the score optional or hidable? Share your opinions in the comments.

What is a Snap Score? (2024)
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