What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (2024)

What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (1)

Even if you’ve been on Snapchat for a while, you may not know all of its secrets. For instance, do you know that you have your very own Snapscore? This tutorial explains what a Snapchat score is, what it is good for and what you can do to increase it.


  • What Is Snapscore?
  • What Can You Do With Your Snapscore?
  • How to View Your Snapscore
  • How to View Other People's Snapscore
  • Tips to Help Increase Your Snapscore
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Snapscore?

Snapchat scores its users based on their activity on the app. According to the official website, the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a few other factors count against this score.

While the “few other factors” part is a bit vague, it’s safe to assume that the more active you are at interacting with other users on the platform, the higher your score will be. The Snapscore on Snapchat is a concept that’s similar to Reddit’s Karma. It’s a way to gauge your level of engagement on the platform.

What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (2)

What Can You Do With Your Snapscore?

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You may be wondering why you should care about your Snapscore. Maybe it unlocks new options or gives you access to free goodies? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Having a high Snapscore doesn’t translate into any bonuses. It has zero impact on you and your activities on the app.

The feature has been implemented just “for fun” to allow users to “compete” against each other. You could unlock Trophies via the Trophy Case once you reach a certain Snapscore in the past, but that feature has been discontinued. Instead, Snapchat has replaced it with “Charms”: its brand new spin on the Trophies idea. These Charms are awarded based on your interactions with your friends and are personalized.

Unfortunately, your Snapscore won’t unlock new Charms as Trophies did. Instead, you have to interact with your friends constantly to expand your Charm collection. Your Snapscore isn’t here to bring you any kind of satisfaction other than knowing that you’re one of Snapchat’s most active users.

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How to View Your Snapscore

If you’re curious to know what your exact Snapscore is, follow these steps to find out.

  1. Open the Snapchat app (Android | iOS) on your device.
  2. Tap on your avatar in the upper-left corner of the display.
What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (4)
  1. Notice the number underneath your username and Snapchat code. It’s sitting next to a tiny white ghost-like icon. That’s your Snapchat score.
What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (5)
  1. Tapping the icon tells you that your Snapscore increases with each Snap you send and receive. It also lists how many Snaps you’ve sent and received.
What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (6)

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How to View Other People’s Snapscore

Now that you know how to view your own Snapscore, you may want to see how you compare to others on the social app. This is how you can view another person’s score.

  1. Tap on your avatar in the upper-left corner of the Snapchat app to go to your profile page.
  2. Locate the “Friends” section and tap on “My Friends” to view a list of all your friends in the app.
What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (7)
  1. Tap on a friend’s avatar image, NOT on their name, to be taken to their profile.
What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (8)

You can see their Snapscore underneath their profile picture.

What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (9)
  1. Alternatively, tap the “Chat” button at the bottom to reveal a list of all your direct messages to others, then tap on your friend’s avatar image to go to their profile again.

Note: you can only see the Snapscores of the people you’ve added to your Snapchat friend list. Of course, if your friend request hasn’t been accepted yet, you won’t get a glimpse of their Snapscore.

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Tips to Help Increase Your Snapscore

If you’re eager to show your friends your passion for Snapchat, we have a list of tips that could help you increase your Snapscore quickly. These methods haven’t been officially confirmed by Snapchat, except for the first, and are based on careful observation and experimentation. They’re worth trying.

  • Send and receive Snaps: Snapchat tells users to send as many Snaps (photos and videos alike) as possible to boost their Snapscore. A word of caution, though – sending the same Snap over and over again won’t win you extra points. Instead, you need to send unique content.
  • Share and view many Stories: Snapchat rewards you for sharing Stories. You could make a habit of creating a few Stories every day to notice a steady increase in your score.
  • Keep up the “Streak”: a streak refers to the number of days in a row that you managed to send Snaps to a specific friend. To avoid breaking a streak, you need to ensure a steady flow of content every 24 hours. Of course, this is a two-way street, so if your friend forgets to snap you and 24 hours elapse, you have to kiss your streak goodbye and start all over again. Snapchat will add an hourglass emoji beside your friend’s name in Chat to notify you to send a new snap soon.
  • Add many new friends: on Snapchat, you get rewarded for adding as many new friends as possible. Of course, forming such a habit may come with some consequences, especially when it comes to your privacy on Snapchat. Still, if you’re after a big Snapscore, then that probably won’t stop you from expanding your circle of friends on the app.
  • Watch videos in “Discover”: check the Snapchat “Discover” section to start viewing TikTok-like videos for additional points on your Snapscore.
What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (11)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Snapscore decrease?

No. Once your Snapscore has climbed to a certain level, it won’t go down anymore. Nothing you do will reverse your growth. Even if you take a break from the app, you’ll find the score is the same when you return. Some users have complained about experiencing sudden drops in their Snapscore, but this can most likely be attributed to a glitch or a bug.

I've spent a lot of time on the app, but my Snapscore isn't going up. What can I do?

If you’ve been using Snapchat quite often lately, but your Snapscore is still the same, you might not be performing activities that get you points. For example, simply chatting with someone will not increase your Snapscore. Instead, you need to send each other snaps.

On the other hand, you might have to wait a few seconds/minutes until your score is updated. Perhaps exit the app and focus on something else for a while, then come back and check your score. If it still hasn’t been updated, it might be due to an error that may or may not get resolved later. Either way, given that your Snapscore doesn’t play a vital role in your overall Snapchat experience, you can afford to wait a little bit.

Can I raise my Snapscore using a third-party service?

You can only increase your Snapscore organically by being as active as possible on Snapchat. Websites and apps that claim to increase your Snapscore overnight are probably a scam, and you should stay away from them. Otherwise, you risk wasting unnecessary resources and time.

All screenshots by Alexandra Arici

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What Is Snapscore on Snapchat and How to Increase It (12)

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